The Swarms

Phyphor had nightmares about the Swarms. He dreamt of twisted shapes against the sky, twisted screams in the noon-day sun in the days when the Neversh flew. He dreamt of the Stalkers and the lowly scuttling keflos, of the double-hulled Engulfers, the green centipedes, the Wings, the tunnellers, the blue ants, and all the others – the fearless myrmidons of the Skull of the Deep South.

-Book 1, The Wizards and the Warriors (Wizard War)

What are they?


a) a life form indigenous to Olo Malan; or

b) a life form alien to Olo Malan

Given that humans are alien to Olo Malan, I'm inclined to believe a).

Then again, they could be an alien race that travelled to the planet independently, or were introduced by humans.

Category: Swarms

Blue Ant Blue Ant presumably, the blue ants look like blue ants. And, as a bevy of blue ants advanced on them, they did indeed run. They sprinted, in fact. Sarazin was fast enough — but Glambrax was not. One...

Engulfer Engulfer double-hulled [I p. 18].

Glarz Glarz

Granderglaws Granderglaws

Green Centipede Green Centipede as with the Blue Ants, presumably these creatures resemble a green centipede.

Keflo Keflo lowly scuttling [I p. 18].

Neversh Neversh flying monster with six wings; eight very short legs ending in clawed feet; massive head; thick neck; bulky bulbous body containing buoyant gas; very long whiplash tail which it often uses as...

Skull Of The Deep South Skull of the Deep South entity that controls the Swarms.

Stalker Stalker

Tunneller Tunneller

Wing Wing

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