Religions from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

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Church of the Anonymous Congregation Church of the Anonymous Congregation notable adherents the weapons muqaddam.

Creed of Anthus Creed of Anthus notable practitioners include Jon Arabin. The Creed of Anthus enjoins its followers to father a child for each person they kill, and to plant a tree for each they cut down.

Demon Hagon Demon Hagon The traditional religion of Stokos before being outlawed by the adherents of Goudanism involved worship of the Demon Hagon. Adherents of the religion would do this by means of drinking,...

Demon of Estar Demon of Estar traditional religion of Estar before Prince Comedo withdrew his protection, and the temple was destroyed by Collosnon raiders.

Elchwade Transubstantiation Elchwade Transubstantiation

Goudanism Goudanism religion founded by Gouda Muck, became the dominant religion of Stokos.

Holy Cockroach Holy Cockroach, the Cult of. This was setup for a number of reasons, chiefly being the prevention of Ivan Prokov from coercing Shabble into doing things that Shabble really didn’t want to do right at...

Horse Cult Horse Cult The Horse Cult of the Yarglat barbarians that rule the Collosnon Empire. Fairly functional it involves the twin concepts of the horse That is horse and the rider that is rider.

Nu-chula-nuth Nu-chula-nuth Fanatical religion of the Nexus, was largely dead for a while with a fringe following in Dalar Ken Halvar. However it received new impetus twice by Asodo Hatch firstly in an ethnological...

Orgy God Orgy God the traditional religion of the Ebrell Islands.

Reformed Rites of Devotional Quelochianism Reformed Rites of Devotional Quelochianism

Revised Atiniunism Revised Atiniunism

Sun God Sun God A safe, middle-of-the-road choice. An austere, reasonably competent, fairly tolerant god who offered a choice of five different heavens. The sungod's followers had to do something truly...

The Great God Mokaragash Great God Mokaragash, the God of the Frangoni people on their rock in Dala Ken Halvar, the believe that the idol that represents him is the actual god. His colours are black and red.

The Way of Arabin The Way of Arabin religion created by Arabin lol Arabin (formerly Dreldragon Drakedon Douay), drawing inspiration from the mysticism of Gouda Muck, the delights of the temple of the Demon Hagon, tales...

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