Races from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Separate Humans, Non-Humans, Nexus, Supernatural as below?

Category: Races

Vangelis Vangelis were an entire or more likely a group of entities, described as responsible for the murder of the Zelamith, a race of “whispering dragons”. They sold the Mazadaths (the Zelamith’s ‘souls’) to...

Vogliono Tendenza Vogliono Tendenza

Wen Endex Wen Endex the pink-tending-to-pallor of the natives of Wen Endex [VI p. 153]. pallor (natural to one born in Galsh Ebrek, where the Yudonic Knights tend to be pale in the absence of sun, their...

Yarglat Yarglat

Yudonic Knights Yudonic Knights

Zelamith Zelamith Were a race of whispering dragons. A large number of not all were killed destroyed by the Vangelis and their souls(which allowed the survival of men and machines in regions of instability AKA...

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