Races from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Separate Humans, Non-Humans, Nexus, Supernatural as below?

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Ling Ling or The Ling are a homogenous racial group of humans who live in a littoral community in the north-west of Aragon’s Deep South centuries around a ‘Plague Sanctuary’. They subsist on the bounty of...

Lobos **Lobos* The Lobos, encountered by Guest Gulkan after he pierced the veils of fire in the shackle mountains exists in the world beyond, and does not like to be sat on. It identifies as an old thing,...

Lorp Lorp A very barbaric people. Andranovory is from Lorp.

Mahendo Mahunduk Mahendo Mahunduk a race of demon-flavored beasts left over from the wreckage of gods. Whatever the true nature of the Mahendo Mahunduk - and Guest was uncertain that he had construed that nature with...

Melski Melski Populations in Estar and the Lanmarthen Marshes. Old father, said Blackwood. You of the current-cunning, of the long-song memories, know that not everyone honours the virtue of their...

Mok Mok

Ngati Moana Ngati Moana the Star Navigators [VI p. 69]. Olo Malan's Polynesian race.

Ogres Ogres

Ork Ork They grow exceedingly fat, insomuch that an incredible quantity of oil will be extracted out of one whale [VIII p. 5].

Pang Pang Parengarenga Nambasa Berlin, Lucius Elikin, Darius Flute, Grim, Dog Java, Polk the Cash, Shona, X'dex Paspilion, Zoplin

Quilth Quilth green skin, green hair and two thumbs on each hand [VI p. 154].

Rocks Rocks The pitiful creatures of Lermal, the world before Armal after its god ‘The Horn’ was destroyed by Ashmodee, when they became the substance of the planet Odo Malan. The rocks are briefly able to...

Rovac Rovac Warriors from the Rovac Islands, a group of 27 islands in the Central Ocean. Ahyak Rovac! -Rovac battle-cry

Sea Dragon Sea Dragon

Shabble Shabble miniature sun

Sharla Sharla

Skanagool Skanagool

Southsearcher Southsearcher

Swamp Giant Swamp Giant

Therapist Therapist

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