Races from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Separate Humans, Non-Humans, Nexus, Supernatural as below?

Category: Races

Argan Argan bark-brown like many of the peoples of Argan [VI p. 153-4].

Ashdan Ashdan coal-gloss skin as dark as the plumage of the dark lartle, that bad-tempered sharp-beaked bird of Wen Endex [VI p. 281].

Asma Asma Computational machine of the Nexus which, as an intelligent and self-aware observer, is capable of manipulating the probability structure of whichever universe it finds itself in, and hence...

Chi'ash-lan Chi'ash-lan People from Chi'ash-lan are described as pale , but it's not clear whether they're paler than those from Wen Endex. It's not known whether the similar appearance of these separated...

Dagrin Dagrin the aboriginal people of Untunchilamon [VI p. 122].

Dareska Amath Dareska Amath I p. 214

Demons Demons

Dorgi Dorgis are machines that served in the Gulag as enforcers of what passed for law in that long gone empire of incarceration. There are two extant examples known, one on the island of Untunchilamon and...

Ebrell Islanders Ebrell Islanders red hair and red skin [IV p. 85]. Native to the Ebrell Islands. There are significant populations of Ebrell Islanders in Dalar ken Halvar and on Untunchilamon. These people of the...

Estral Estral Not mentioned specifically, but seem distinctive.

Fodden Fodden And what was that thing that ran away? A fodden. What's that? Paw and claw or thumb and fist? Thumb and fist, said Blackwood. but it lives like paw and claw. It finds game for me. ...

Frangoni Frangoni violet eyes and purple skin [IV p. 28].

Galish Galish Basic social unit is the clan

Genius loci Genius loci An entity low in the hierarchy of spiritual beings yet capable of exerting temporal power [IV p. 206].

Golden Gulag Golden Gulag

Guardians Guardians Supernatural or Nexus?

Hermit Crab Hermit Crab

Human Humans are the most common race, being widespread across the world. They are divided into many groups and factions that often rival each other and engage in various wars and conflicts. Humans appear...

Iceman Iceman pale skin heavily larded with white body-hair, golden eyes and golden teeth, a thicket of golden hair upon her head, and fingernails of jet black [X p. 269].

Janjuladoola Janjuladoola Hail from the continent of Yestron. They are overly convoluted in many things and the examples that have been seen tend to be rather racist.

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