Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Barak the Battleman - Barak the Battleman see Togura Poulaan.

Barglan Stanash Alkiway - Barglan Stanash Alkiway sometime ruler of the Empire of Wizards [I p. 263].

Baron Farouk - Baron Farouk the ruler of Hexagon. Has several daughters [IV p. 191].

Bartlom - Bartlom a guard in the service of Prince Comedo of Estar [I p. 66].

Battleaxe Draven - Battleaxe Draven

Behenial - Behenial a god.

Bel - Bel

Beldysobros - Beldysobros

Benthorn - Benthorn Sarazin's half-brother, son of Fox and Bizzie. The owner-operator of a dung cart who has an uncommonly keen interest in the Constitution and other matters political [V p. 97]. Not -...

Ben Zvanzig - Ben Zvanzig son of Sin Zvanzig.

Big Bertha - Big Bertha

Bill the Butcher - Bill the Butcher of Chi'ash-lan.

Binchinminfin - Binchinminfin a demon that crossed into the world of events from the world beyond.possessing first Odolo who thought he was going mad. Varazchavardan Was then possessed after triumphing in a sorcerous...

Bizzie - Bizzie a matronly woman who is wife of the ostler Hof-Gof, a past lover of Farfalla's sometime paramour Fox, and mother of Sean Sarazin's half-brother Benthorn [V p. 71].

Blackwood - Blackwood is a woodsman and hunter preferring to stay in the forest and keep to himself if he had the choice. He is the husband of Mystrel. Blackwood is a dark-haired heavy-jowled man of middle years,...

Bloodsword - Bloodsword see Elkor Alish.

Bluewater Draven - Bluewater Draven an Orfus pirate born in Dalar ken Halvar [IV p. 210]. Traveled with the Walrus and Warwolf to Orlando to seek counsel with Menator’s brother Ohio, but lost his ship (the Tusk) when it...

Boo Taboo - Boo Taboo once High Eunuch in the court of Aldarch III, rebelled in 4326 [IV p. 272].

Boz Reebok - Boz Reebok

Brild - Brild

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