Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Yan - Yan I p. 211.

Yelada Hatch - Yelada Hatch

Yeldanov Ax - Yeldanov Ax a ruler of the Collosnon Empire. Died as a consequence of disembowelling himself and eating a considerable portion of his own gut, an eccentricity which tends to support those rumours...

Yen Olass Ampadara - Yen Olass Ampadara an oracle of the Sisterhood. Travels to Estar with the Collosnon invasion of 4326. Mother of Monogail. (4295-????)

Yerzerdayla - Yerzerdayla captured by Thodric Jarl, later concubine of Celadric, then Bluewater Draven.

Yilda - Yilda wife of Uckermark.

Yo Bo - Yo Bo author of On the Immortality of Scholarship.

Yolombo Atlantabara - Yolombo Atlantabara

York - York (4307-4332) son of Khmar. Knifed to death by Yen Olass Ampadara.

Yoz Doy - Yoz Doy a Yarglat warrior [III p. 20].

Yurt Gulkan - Yurt Gulkan son of Morsh Bataar Gulkan. Born on Ema-Urk.

Zal - Zal a wife of Jon Arabin.

Zanya Kliedervaust - Zanya Kliedervaust an Ebrell Islander, Zanya is the object of Drake’s lust, obsession and later genuine affection, so is described as statuesque and high breathed with red skin and red hair. Served as...

Zelafona - Zelafona mother of Glambrax. Sister of Bao Gahai. Fled from the Confederation of Wizards to Drum in 4293. Stranded in the Rice Empire in 4308. Died after a fling with Sean Kelebes Sarazin after using...

Zenphos - Zenphos (????-4326) The dragon Zenphos was known for terrorizing Lorford and the surrounding countryside before it was killed when Phyphor reignited one of the Fire Dykes, burning the dragon. It later...

Zim - Zim a pirate.

Zoplin - Zoplin a beggar of Dalar ken Halvar.

Zoth - Zoth

Zoz the Ancestral - Zoz the Ancestral god of the Janjuladoola.

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