Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Volaine Persaga Haveros - Volaine Persaga Haveros Lord Commander of the Imperial City of Gendormargensis before taking service with Prince Comedo of Estar. Killed by Chonjara. Looked like a fighting man's fighting man. Big...

Vorlus Ulix - Vorlus Ulix see Plandruk Qinplaqus [X p. 91].

Vorn the Gladiator - Vorn the Gladiator

Vytor Douay - Vytor Douay grandfather of Drake Douay.

Vyvan - Vyvan a rock [I p. 108].

Wadu - Wadu name given to a Melski child sheltered by Yen Olass Ampadara. Wadu in Melski, means hungry [III p.212].

Walrus - Walrus

Waru - Waru a wife of Jon Arabin.

Warwolf - Warwolf

Watashi - Watashi see Sean Sarazin.

Wathnamora - Wathnamora [I p. 109].

Weaponmaster - Weaponmaster see Guest Gulkan.

Weapons Muqaddam - weapons Muqaddam an Orfus pirate. Died after being buried upside down with his feet cut off. (????-4326)

Whale Mike - Whale Mike known as Mike is an Orfus pirate who Crewed on the Walrus. An ogre with some human ancestry and an unspeakable past. Whale Mike does not have a good grasp of languages and speaks in a...

Witchlord - Witchlord see Onosh Gulkan.

Witness Beyond the Wind - Witness Beyond the Wind a figure of Yarglat mythology.

Wizard of Drum - Person's name here description. [book, ch# pg#] Categories: People

X'dex Paspilion - X'dex Paspilion a beggar of Dalar ken Halvar.

Xzu - Xzu a Banker of the Flesh Traders Financial Association, a native of Wen Endex.

Yaf - Yaf a Banker of Galsh Ebrek [VIII p. 166].

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