Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Anna Blaume - Anna Blaume an Ebrell Islander, innkeeper of Galsh Ebrek, mother of Sheila Blaume and Ben Zvanzig. She interacted with Alfric Danbourg and Guest Gulkan, providing comforts to the to the latter.

Antasy - Antasy [DZ].

Anthus - Anthus

Aquitaine Varazchavardan - Aquitaine Varazchavardan Master of Law of Untunchilamon is a member of the Wonderworkers and is “of the Skin”, however has the misfortune to be an albino so does not poses a grey skin, but one that is...

Aquitaine Varazchavardan (Owl) - Aquitaine Varazchavardan a pet owl belonging to Justina Thrug.

Arabin lol Arabin - Arabin lol Arabin see Drake Douay.

Arez Stone - Arez Stone the grand old man of the Chenameg poetry scene. A wild-eyed ancient with flowing beard and glittering eye, who held that literacy was the cause of all social evils [V p. 156].

Arnak Menster - Arnak Menster

Arnaut - Arnaut a Malud pirate from Asral.

Aromsky - Aromsky an artist of Veda.

Artemis Ingalawa - Artemis Ingalawa was a fierce Ashdan warrior scholar, brother to Jon Qasaba and Aunt to his Daughter Olivia. It is hinted that she knows of the possibility of Ivan Pokrov’s immortality. She spends...

Arwin - Arwin

Asodo Hatch - Asodo Hatch a Frangoni. Student of the Combat College. Captain of Dalar ken Halvar's Imperial Guard.

Asquith North - Asquith North dissident, author of The Secret History of Lord Dreldragon. (4489-????)

Ath Nau Das - Ath Nau Das an acolyte of Zoz in Injiltaprajura.

Atsimo Andranovory - Atsimo Andranovory an Orfus pirate born in Lorp. Crewed on the Walrus. a barrel-chested hairy brute in bloodstained sealskins, his coarse featured face surrounded by shaggy black hair and a great big...

Avor the Hawk - Avor the Hawk father of Morgan Hearst. Owned the blade Hast before passing it to his son. Poisoned by his seventh wife when he discarded her for an eighth [I p. 48].

Axis Gogman - Axis Gogman

Baakan - Baakan

Bao Gahai - Bao Gahai dralkosh and mother of Guest Gulkan. Saved Hostaja Sken-Pitilkin's life three times. Died of a fever. (~4265-4332)

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