Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Aard Lox - Aard Lox

Aardun - Aardun

Aardun Hearst - Aardun Hearst son of Morgan Hearst and Resbit. (4331)

Aath Nau Das - Aath Nau Das

Abousir Belench - Abousir Belench was an Orfus pirate of some note, a captain of a ship when we first hear of him he liberated Slagger Mulps(AKA the Walrus) from slavery on a galley. Post the disastrous diplomatic...

Adoralona - Adoralona daughter of Drake Douay.

Afeld - Afeld a cousin of Valarkin.

Akiz Jakiz - Akiz Jakiz

Alakin Malakin - Alakin Malakin

Alamanda - Alamanda a frog belonging to Monogail.

Aldarch III - Aldarch III known as the Mutilator of Yestron.

Aldarch the Third - Aldarch the Third is the “Mutilator of Yestron” a short and seemingly angry and sadistic all-powerful ruler of the Izidimir Empire.

Alfric Danbrog - Alfric Danbrog a Yudonic Knight and werewolf. Son of Grendel Danbrog and grandson of Tromso Stavenger. Married but later divorced Viola Vanaleta. Employed by the Flesh Traders Financial Association of...

Al-ran Lars - Al-ran Lars a Malud pirate from Asral.

Altan Bulak - Altan Bulak

Al'three - Al'three see Aldarch III.

Altol Stokpol - Altol Stokpol a Rovac warrior, resident of the Lesser Teeth. (4312-????)

Amantha - Amantha princess of Chenameg, daughter and second child of King Lyra, married Sean Sarazin in 4325. (4302-????)

Ammamman - Ammamman sage that tore the left eye of the dragon Zenphos from its socket [I p. 47]

Anaconda Stogirov - Anaconda Stogirov a survivor of the Golden Gulag. Married Ivan Pokrov in 4367.

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