Characters from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: People

Aard Lox - Aard Lox A scribe who provided Gouda Muck with a copy of the Book of Witness, an account of Drake Douay's actions in Runcorn.

Aardun - Aardun

Aardun Hearst - Aardun Hearst son of Morgan Hearst and Resbit. (4331)

Aath Nau Das - Aath Nau Das An acolyte serving Master Ek alongside fellow acolyte Paach Ch’ha Saat. Ek handed the ball to the most trusted of his acolytes, Aath Nau Das. ‘Take this thing,’ said Ek. ‘Take it, and...

Abousir Belench - Abousir Belench was an Orfus pirate of some note, a captain of a ship called the Jade. When we first hear of him he liberated Slagger Mulps(AKA the Walrus) from slavery on a galley. Post the...

Adoralona - Adoralona daughter of Drake Douay.

Afeld - Afeld a cousin of Valarkin and of Durnwold. Resident of Little Hunger Farm, Estar. But it was not Valarkin but cousin Afeld who was first to lose a sheep. 'Whoa!' shouted Afeld, as the delinquent...

Akiz Jakiz - Akiz Jakiz

Alakin Malakin - Alakin Malakin character from a children's story. Of course, there's the children's story about Alakin Malakin who got taken by the lily god - Book 3, The Women and the Warlords

Alamanda - Alamanda a frog belonging to Monogail.

Aldarch III - Aldarch III known as the Mutilator of Yestron.

Aldarch the Third - Aldarch the Third is the “Mutilator of Yestron” a short and seemingly angry and sadistic all-powerful ruler of the Izidimir Empire.

Alfric Danbrog - Alfric Danbrog a Yudonic Knight and werewolf. Son of Gertrude and Grendel Danbrog and grandson of Tromso Stavenger. Married but later divorced Viola Vanaleta. Employed by the Flesh Traders Financial...

Al-ran Lars - Al-ran Lars a Malud pirate from Asral. Al-ran sailed to Injiltaprajura on board the Kraken which at the time was captained by Log Jaris. Once there he raided the treasury, stealing the bard of...

Altan Bulak - Altan Bulak known as the Collector of Skulls. Father of Tamsag Bulak.

Al'three - Al'three see Aldarch III.

Altol Stokpol - Altol Stokpol a Rovac warrior, resident of the Lesser Teeth. (4312-????)

Amantha - Amantha princess of Chenameg, daughter and second child of King Lyra, married Sean Sarazin in 4325. (4302-????)

Ammamman - Ammamman sage that tore the left eye of the dragon Zenphos from its socket [I p. 47]

Anaconda Stogirov - Anaconda Stogirov a survivor of the Golden Gulag. Married Ivan Pokrov in 4367.

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