Languages of Olo Malan

"the classical definition of 'knowing a language' which was framed so long ago by the scholarly Iskordan. It is … to be possessed of the ability to defend oneself in a court of law in that tongue, to compose poetry in the same argot, and, finally, to frame in that mode of speech a joke which is capable of eliciting laughter from a native speaker of the same" [VI p. 114].

Down on all fours dropped the monster. Then it bared its teeth and chittered at Alfric in a battlefury. It was a hamster indeed, but it was a hamster the size of a bear, and surely the equal of any warrior in battle.
'Blood and bitches!' said Alfric [VIII p. 152].

Languages from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: Language

Language of stone Language of stone is intelligible to wizards of the order of Nin.

Legal Churl Legal Churl

Ligin Ligin a language of Stokos.

Ling Ling the language of Ling.

Lorp Talk Lorp Talk

Malud Malud

Melski Melski language of the Melski.

Motsu Kazuka Motsu Kazuka the language of the Nu-chala-nuth [IX p. 275].

Nexus Ninetongue Nexus Ninetongue

Ordhar Ordhar the command language of the armies [I p. 120]. designed as a standard language for all the armies of the Red Emperor, Khmar [III p. 114].

Pang Pang language of the Pang people of Parengarenga.

Pirate Pure Pirate Pure a language made up by Togura Poulaan [II p. 257].

Rovac Rovac language of the Rovac people of the Rovac Islands.

Slandolin Slandolin the elegant language of Ashmolean scholarship, formal Literature and high art [VI p. 133].

Spiral Style Spiral Style

Stabilised Scholastic Standard Stabilised Scholastic Standard adopted as the High Speech of wizards - see III pp. 227-8.

Tongue of the Teeth of the Oldest Stone Tongue of the Teeth of the Oldest Stone the formal language of the Harvest Plains.

Toxteth Toxteth language of Wen Endex. 'A coarse and brutal language if ever there was one. Toxteth makes the simplicities of Code Seven look positively arcane.' [VII p. 259].

Voice of Jade and Gold Voice of Jade and Gold is mentioned as being used by scholars in former times both before and after the Days of Wrath by Brother Troop of the Wordsmiths. Is seems that the Wizards of Drum was able to...

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