Languages of Olo Malan

"the classical definition of 'knowing a language' which was framed so long ago by the scholarly Iskordan. It is … to be possessed of the ability to defend oneself in a court of law in that tongue, to compose poetry in the same argot, and, finally, to frame in that mode of speech a joke which is capable of eliciting laughter from a native speaker of the same" [VI p. 114].

Down on all fours dropped the monster. Then it bared its teeth and chittered at Alfric in a battlefury. It was a hamster indeed, but it was a hamster the size of a bear, and surely the equal of any warrior in battle.
'Blood and bitches!' said Alfric [VIII p. 152].

Languages from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: Language

Arhan Arhan one of three languages of Stokos.

Ashmarlan Ashmarlan the demotic language of Ashmolea [VI p. 133].

Churl Churl the vernacular of the Harvest Plains. Has several dialects.

City Churl City Churl a language of the Harvest Plains.

Code Seven Code Seven a dialect of the Nexus Ninetongue. The Code Seven Commonspeech, which serves between a billion suns as the language of day-to-day communication and communion [IX p. 275].

Cold Tongue Cold Tongue

Commonspeak/Commonspeech Commonspeak/Commonspeech see Nexus Ninetongue.

Dub Dub language of the Ebrell Islands, the uncompromising obscenity of which tongue was an achievement unique in human endeavour [IX p. 172]. Such are the nuances of this tongue that everything which...

Eparget Eparget the ruling Yarglat dialect [I p. 120].

Estral Estral

Field Churl Field Churl a language of the Harvest Plains.

Frangoni Frangoni language of the Frangoni people.

Galish Trading Tongue Galish Trading Tongue language of the Galish and lingua franca of much of Argan.

Geflung Geflung

Geltic Geltic language of the Rice Empire.

High Churl High Churl a language of the Harvest Plains.

High Speech High Speech the language of wizards.

Inner Language of the Order of Arl Inner Language of the Order of Arl used for saying that which must not be overheard [I p. 78].

Janjuladoola Janjuladoola a language which lends itself to studied elegance and considerable prolixity [VII p. 94].

Kerzen Kerzen a language of Stokos.

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