History from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

All dates are in the Alliance calendar.

-1501: Birth of Phyphor

1: First year of the Alliance

269: End of the Long War

374: End of the Short War

"A thousand years ago": Pirate castle built on Drum


4226: "A hundred years ago" Sung invades Penvash




4255: Birth of Tonaganuk?


4262: Birth of Onosh Gulkan?

4265: Birth of Eldegen Terzanagel?



4281: Birth of Thodric Jarl?

4287: Birth of Morsh Bataar Gulkan? Yerzerdayla born?


4289: Birth of Eljuk Zala Gulkan? Birth of Rolf Thelemite? Birth of Elkor Alish?


4290: First year of Skan Askander's rule of Sung, birth of Chonjara

4290: Spring - Birth of Guest Gulkan

4291: Birth of Morgan Hearst?


4293: Fugitives Pelagius Zozimus, Zelafona and Glambrax arrive on Drum

4294: Birth of Chegory Guy?

4295: Birth of Yen Olass Ampadara?

4295: Spring - Fugitives Hostaja Sken-Pitilkin, Pelagius Zozimus, Zelafona and Glambrax arrive in Gendormargensis



4298: Aquitaine Varazchavardan arrives on Untunchilamon?





4302: Winter - Birth of Sean Sarazin

4303: Birth of Celadric?

4304: Birth of Celadon?

4305: Morgan Hearst "goes off to the wars"? Troldot Turbothot departs Hexagon, War Archives established in Gendormargensis

4305: Autumn - The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster begins

4305: Winter

4305: Spring

4305: Early Summer

4306: Plandruk Qinplaqus taken prisoner on Alozay? Princess Quenerain born? Sean Sarazin exiled?

4306: Late Summer

4306: Autumn

4306: Winter

4306: Spring - Guest Gulkan and companions airwrecked

4306: Early Summer

4307: York born

4307: Late Summer

4307: Autumn

4307: Winter - Onosh Gulkan captures Alozay

4307: Spring - Birth of Drake Douay

4308: First year of Khmar's rule of the Collosnon Empire, first year of Justina Thrug's rule of Untunchilamon, birth of Jaluba?

4308: Late Summer - Guest Gulkan mauled by Great Mink in Chi'ash-lan

4309: Birth of Slerma Askander?




4312: The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers begins



4315: Autumn - Guest Gulkan and Shabble meet on Alozay

4315: Spring - Hostaja Sken-Pitilkin and companions captured on Drum







4321: New War Archives complex in Gendormargensis completed

4322: Devaluation in Sung, Blood Purge

4323: Spring - The Walrus and the Warwolf begins

4323: Early Summer

4324: Late Summer

4324: Autumn

4324: Winter - The Wicked and the Witless begins

4324: Spring

4324: Early Summer

4325: Late Summer

4325: Autumn - The Wordsmiths and the Warguild begins

4325: Winter - The Women and the Warlords begins

4325: Spring

4325: Early Summer

4326: Midsummer's Day The Women and the Warlords Chapter 7

4326: Late Summer - Togura Poulaan castaway on Drum

4326: Autumn - Yen Olass meets Khmar, Haveros sent to Estar as a spy

4326: Winter - The Wizards and the Warriors begins, Collosnon scouts and raiders in Estar

4326: Death of Khmar

4326: Spring

4326: Early Summer

4327: First year of Celadric's rule

4327: Late Summer

4327: Autumn

4327: Winter

4327: Spring

4327: Early Summer - Battle of Androlmarphos?, Death of Menator?

4328: Late Summer

4328: Autumn - a Rovac army arrives in the Greater Teeth to serve with Elkor Alish? Fall of Drangsturm

4328: Winter - The Wizards and the Warriors ends, Death of Elkor Alish, Death of Prince Comedo



4330: Spring - Collosnon conquer Estar, Rovac retreat via Penvash

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