Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Drum Drum an island in the Penvash Channel. Home to Hostaja Sken-Pitlikin and a colony of sea dragons. Drum was a haven for pirates a thousand years ago.

Dry Forages Dry Forages

Dry Pit Dry Pit It was huge. Standing on the southern side, Hearst estimated that the northern rim was at least twenty leagues (~20 miles) away, if not further. At their feet, cliffs fell sheer to...

Dulloway Dulloway

Dungon Banks Dungon Banks a navigational hazard off the Lesser Teeth [III p. 365].

D'Waith D'Waith A small, walled city set on a hill about half a league from the sea [II p. 135]. Situated at the eastern extremity of the Ravlish Lands.

Dybra Dybra a kingdom of Argan. Capital Nerja [I p. 359].

Eagle Eagle a tavern of Selzirk attracting all kinds of riff-raff. falconers, river oars, peddlers, jesters and beggar-masters, and, no doubt, the odd questing hero in disguise [IV p. 331].

Earthly Enlightenment, House of Earthly Enlightenment, House of A prison in Selzirk.

Eastern Knoll Eastern Knoll

Eastern Passage Gate Eastern Passage Gate the entrance to x-zox.

Eastway Eastway the road from Estar to Trest. About ten marches, or a hundred leagues [I p. 97].

Ebonair Ebonair

Ebrell Ebrell either one of the Ebrell Islands, or another name for them collectively.

Ebrell Islands Ebrell Islands The other languages most commonly spoken on the Ebrells are the Malud of Asral and the Frangoni spoken in some of the northern [southern?] coastal areas of Parengarenga .

Edge Edge I p. 327

Elephant Coast Elephant Coast

Ellamura Ellamura home of an Oracle murdered by Talaman [I p. 328].

Ema-Urk Ema-Urk

Empire of the Sealords Empire of the Sealords

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