Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Refer to these unofficial Maps to orient yourself with the stories.

Featured Geography

Crocodile Coast Crocodile Coast in Parengarenga.

Crux Crux

Cure-All Clinic Cure-All Clinic medical facility in the Combat College of Dalar ken Halvar.

Curse, Castle of the Curse, Castle of the

Dalar ken Halvar Dalar ken Halvar capital of Parengarenga. A city landmarked most notably by the Grand Arena. In the City of the Season there is no shortage of blade schools [IX p. 256]. A coin, the dalmoon is...

Dead Man's Drop Dead Man's Drop in Keep.

Death Lizard Desolations Death Lizard Desolations

Deep South Deep South the Swarm-controlled areas of Argan south of Drangsturm.

Defelfankarzosh Defelfankarzosh which means the Forest of Desolation. It is impassable, even to Southsearchers [IV p. 268].

Delve Delve in Estar. A collection of squatdwellings crouching in the wetrot shadows of trees that choked a narrow gully. No dragon could have seen the hamlet from the air; it was almost invisible from the...

Diktat, Castle Diktat, Castle on the island of Ebonair.

Din Civil Din Civil in Odrum.

Dog Worshipper's Temple Dog Worshipper's Temple in Injiltaprajura, located behind the Dromdanjerie.

Dolce Obo Dolce Obo the Pillow Stratum of Pinnacle.

Downstairs Downstairs subterranean portions of Injiltaprajura.

Drangsturm Drangsturm the flame trench that divides Argan North from the Swarm-dominated lands of the Deep South. Guarded by the Confederation of Wizards. Lies 500 leagues south of Selzirk [V p. 212].

Drangsturm Gulf Drangsturm Gulf

Driftwood Archipelago Driftwood Archipelago

Driftwood Islands Driftwood Islands

Dromdanjerie Dromdanjerie the lunatic asylum of Injiltaprajura. It is a huge building fabricated from the native bloodstone of Injiltaprajura. It has 2 kitchens, 27 showers, 44 stench holes, 6 high-security cells...

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