Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Refer to these unofficial Maps to orient yourself with the stories.

Featured Geography

Chasm Gates Chasm Gates

Chastity Bay Chastity Bay

Chay Chay South east of Untunchilamon, midocean between Untunchilamon and Yestron South, lies the harbourless highrise island of Chay, source of tea, coffee and spices of all descriptions. This is a part...

Chenameg Chenameg a kingdom of Argan. Cursed during the War of the Witches so that the phoenix arrives on the coldest, shortest day of the year [V p. 156]. A small mountain-ringed kingdo east of the Harvest...

Chi'ash-lan Chi'ash-lan a city at the western end of the Ravlish Lands. Known for combat cults [I p. 367]. Protected by a night watch with orange honour-pennants [I p. 350].

Childa Go Childa Go

Chorst Chorst a kingdom in Argan. Capital

Circle of the Partnership Banks Circle of the Partnership Banks a series of Doors built during the Technic Renaissance. One of the Prompt Physical Communication Webs.

City of the Dead City of the Dead

City of the Sun City of the Sun see Dalar ken Halvar.

Coast of Grass Coast of Grass

Coast of Sand Coast of Sand

Cold West Cold West

Collosnon Empire Collosnon Empire Description: Realm of the Yarglat horsetribes and their subject peoples. Capital: Gendormargensis, ruling city of Tameran. Ruler: the Lord Emperor Khmar, a warrior of ferae naturae....

Combat College Combat College inside Cap Foz Para Lash.

Confederation of Wizards Confederation of Wizards

Controlling Power, Castle of Controlling Power, Castle of

Coral Current Coral Current flows through the Green Sea.

Council Chamber Council Chamber in Saxo Pall.

Crawlspace Seven Crawlspace Seven in the Dromdanjerie [VI p. 180].

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