Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Barg (mountain) Barg (mountain)

Barley Hills Barley Hills

Breenmower Breenmower

Bruk Bruk

Burntos Burntos

Cabal House Cabal House headquarters of Untunchilamon's wonderworkers.

Cafeteria Cafeteria in the Combat College.

Cam Cam capital of Stokos. A harbour city notable for its blue and green tiled roofs.

Cap Foz Para Lash Cap Foz Para Lash

Cap Gargle Cap Gargle in Dalar ken Halvar.

Cap Ogo Botch Cap Ogo Botch

Cap Uba Cap Uba

Carawell Carawell largest island of the Lesser Teeth. Also known as Mainland.

Castle of Controlling Power Castle of Controlling Power

Castle Vaunting Castle Vaunting Home of Prince Comedo.

Cattle Plains Cattle Plains

Celadric, Castle Celadric, Castle built on the site of Castle Vaunting.

Central Ocean Central Ocean

Chag-jalak Chag-jalak

Charabanc Charabanc a planet of the Nexus. Site of Central Command [IX p. 178].

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