Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Tangzkez Nesh Tangzkez Nesh

Taniwha Guarantee Corporation Taniwha Guarantee Corporation

Tazala, Plain of Tazala, Plain of

Temple of Change Temple of Change

Tenebris Tenebris I p. 211.

Thlutter Thlutter in Injiltaprajura.

Thodrun Thodrun

Thunder Forge Thunder Forge [DZ]

Tia Tokerau Tia Tokerau the great stronghold land of the Ngati Moana.

Tip Hill Tip Hill see Melross Hill [I p. 154].

Tor Tor an island in the Drangsturm Gulf. Rich in timber, and not inhabited by the Swarms. When viewed from a distance by Drake Douay he seems to see a Fata Morgana, also known superior mirage which is...

Torameer Torameer

Tormstarj Castle Tormstarj Castle in the Ironband Mountains [II p. 51]. A massive pentagon of red brick, many times taller than the surrounding trees, was surmounted by a pyramid, also built of red brick. There was...

Torture, Temple of Torture, Temple of on Goldhammer Rise in Injiltaprajura.

Trest Trest a land bounded to the east and south by hills and mountains, to the west by marshland swamps, and to the north by the sea. The port of Skua, which is a fishing village, is on the northern...

Trilip Trilip

Trilip Obo Trilip Obo the Archive Stratum of Pinnacle.

Tulip Continuum Tulip Continuum

Tyte Tyte a seaside province of the Harvest Plains hopeless bog-mud tidal flats [V p. 229].

Ubazakura Ubazakura Aldarch III's palace in Obooloo [X p. 457].

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