Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Ringwall Mountains Ringwall Mountains

Rovac Rovac governed by a Ruling Council [I p. 363].

Runcorn Runcorn Free Port [IV p. 312] in Argan. Ruled, at one stage by Drake Douay before his deposition by a mob. Later conquered by Elkor Alish.

Safrak Islands Safrak Islands

Scattered Islands Scattered Islands

Selzirk Selzirk

Sepik Sepik

Shackle Mountains Shackle Mountains

Shin Shin

Skua Skua is a fishing village located on the northern coast of Trest.

Smork Smork

Sponge Sea Sponge Sea

Stench Caves Stench Caves

Stepping Stone Islands Stepping Stone Islands

Stokos Stokos Description: A Deeply indented island in Gulf of Veda, off the western coast of continent Argan. Area: by Court Carographer's reckoning, about 4,750 vlests (some 12,000 square leagues)....

Sunside Chambers Sunside Chambers

Talajar Talajar a kingdom in the Ravlish Lands. Ruled by Ohio at one point. A trading route by sea leads from there to Chi'ash-lan and the Cold West [I p. 343].

Tamar Tamar

Tameran Tameran the continent lying directly to the north of Argan, across The Pale. The continent of Tameran is ruled from the Imperial City of Gendormargensis, capital of the Collosnon Empire.

Tang Tang perhaps in the Scattered Islands.

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