Places from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Achaptipop Achaptipop the dominant mountain peak in the centre of Obooloo. In times of trouble, penitents climb the vertigious face of Achaptipop, a significant number falling to their death..

Adeer, Inner Adeer, Inner in the Rice Empire.

Alozay Alozay one of the Safrak Islands in Tameran's Swelaway Sea..

Amarl Amarl the world created by the god Ameeshoth - the organic world that we live in. Supplanted Lemarl, the world of rock created by the god Horn.

Amodeo River Amodeo River in Argan North.

Analytical Institute Analytical Institute on the island of Jod. Ivan Pokrov created this Institute and the Analytical Engine it contains.

Androlmarphos Androlmarphos a city of the Harvest Plains. Located in the delta of the Velvet River, it was found to be defensible from the Swarms following the Fall of Drangsturm.

Ang Ang the turquoise strings so often used as a medium of exchange in the markets of Ang [VI p. 49].

Anvil, Island Anvil, Island most northerly of the Greater Teeth [IV p. 174].

Araconch Waters Araconch Waters in Argan North.

Archive Stratum Archive Stratum see Trilip Obo.

Argan Argan a continent of Olo Malan. Argan is famed as the continent of magic, being the home of wizardry.

Argan North Argan North the human-controlled portion of the continent of Argan lying north of Drangsturm.

Arkanziz, Lake Arkanziz, Lake see Lake Armansis.

Armansis, Lake Armansis, Lake in Penvash.

Ashmolea Ashmolea a large island of Olo Malan, to the east of Argan. Exports arachnid silk [I p. 342].

Ashmolean Museum Ashmolean Museum a famous institution of Ashmolea.

Ashun Mountains Ashun Mountains in Argan. Site of slave-powered mining industries.

Asral Asral an island of Olo Malan, to the east of Argan and to the south of Ashmolea.

Babaroth Babaroth

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