Calendars from Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness.

Category: Calendars

Alliance Alliance The major calendar used on Argan is that which numbers years since the Alliance.

Collosnon Collosnon the Collosnon Empire used the Alliance calendar until Khmar's rule, when it began using regnal years. I presume that it returned to that system after the Gulkan dynasty regained power.

Odrum Odrum The Cosmos Clock of Din Civil is noteworthy because of the fact that Odrum features in the short story The Dragon Zenphos.

Stokos Stokos Unlike the other major calendars, Stokos' year commences on Midwinter's Day. It's curious that book IV makes use of the Khmar calendar, given Drake's origin on Stokos. I would have assumed the...

Sung Sung Skan Askander's regnal year calendar is only used in Sung, and noteworthy only because of the apparent length and stability of his reign. Coins from Sung bearing the image of Skan Askander are ...

Untunchilamon Untunchilamon adopted a regnal year calendar when the Thrugs came to power.

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