The vividly described world of the Chronicles includes a diverse host of animals - some familiar to us, and some uniquely original. Follow this link for information on The Swarms.

There are several taxonomic systems on Olo Malan, including the Ilapatarginath [X p. 258], and the Hindrix-Prodorgotz [VI p. 6].

'A quokka?' said Guest. 'What in the name of Behenial is a quokka?'
'What, for that matter, is Behenial?' said his father [X p. 474]

Cripple beetle Cripple beetle III p. 332

Crocodile Crocodile I p. 7

Crow Crow VI p. 213

Cuttlefish Cuttlefish II p. 252

Dark Lartle Dark lartle VI p. 281

Deer Deer [III p 317] [Wikipedia]

Dog Dog X p. 209

Dolphin Dolphin IV p. 216

Donkey Donkey

Dorgi (dog) Dorgi (dog)

Dragon Dragon large scale-armoured egg-laying fire-breathing carnivore, not to be confused with the sea serpent of the Central Ocean or the taniwha of Quilth. Dragons are not related to the colony creatures...

Dragon (animal) Dragon (animal)

Dragon, Common Dragon, Common very large, inimical, extremely destructive aviator of limited intelligence, typically leading a solitary, cave-dwelling existence [I p. 45]. The immature form of the common or land...

Dragonfire fish Dragonfire fish VII p. 317

Dragon, Imperial Dragon, Imperial lithe, sinuous, domesticated flying dragon of Yestron, where it is famed for its gentle nature and plaintive song. Extremely susceptible to all those diseases which affect bees, it...

Dragon, Land Dragon, Land see Common Dragon [I p. 45].

Dragon, Sea Dragon, Sea flightless, intelligent, gregarious creature noted for vanity and promiscuity. Robust swimmer, but mates on land - frequently. Properly flattered, is relatively harmless, but if scorned...

Dragon, snow Dragon, snow once the strongest, wisest and most beautiful of all the dragon breeds, but now gone and forgotten except where arcanely knowledged by a few of the world's greatest living scholars [V...

Duck Duck II p. 109

Dumadom Dumadom III p. 211 Melski for bear.

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