The vividly described world of the Chronicles includes a diverse host of animals - some familiar to us, and some uniquely original. Follow this link for information on The Swarms.

There are several taxonomic systems on Olo Malan, including the Ilapatarginath [X p. 258], and the Hindrix-Prodorgotz [VI p. 6].

'A quokka?' said Guest. 'What in the name of Behenial is a quokka?'
'What, for that matter, is Behenial?' said his father [X p. 474]

Chameleon Chameleon VI p. 330

Chicken Chicken VII p. 113

Chitons Chitons I p. 332

Chiz Chiz III p. 336

Cicada Cicada IV p. 104

Clam, fresh-water Clam, fresh-water III p. 317

Claw-claw Claw-claw III p. 346

Cobra Cobra

Cockatoo Cockatoo [II p. 68] [Wikipedia].

Cockroach Cockroach VII p. 173

Codfish Codfish IV p. 33.

Coral Coral X p. 415.

Cow Cow IV p. 33.

Crab Crab IV p. 69

Crab, hermit Crab, hermit

Crab, land Crab, land land crabs are found on Untunchilamon [VI p. 132].

Crab, whittle- Crab, whittle- III p. 346

Crayfish Crayfish IV p. 123

Crel Crel Estral for hedgehog [III p. 204].

Cricket Cricket VI p. 330

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