The vividly described world of the Chronicles includes a diverse host of animals - some familiar to us, and some uniquely original. Follow this link for information on The Swarms.

There are several taxonomic systems on Olo Malan, including the Ilapatarginath [X p. 258], and the Hindrix-Prodorgotz [VI p. 6].

'A quokka?' said Guest. 'What in the name of Behenial is a quokka?'
'What, for that matter, is Behenial?' said his father [X p. 474]

Untunchilamon Untunchilamon VIII p. 118 Mother of Dragons Very small ones. OK, this is likely the wrong series to put that quote in but it is literally rather than merely figuratively true. Untunchilamon a finger...

Untunchilamon (species) Untunchilamon (species) A finger-length dragon created Ex Nihilo by a demon intruding on the world of events. Apparently female they reproduce by parthenogenesis, and have partially colonised Wen...

Vampire rat Vampire rat see rat, vampire.

Veagle Veagle Eparget for hedgegog [III p. 204].

Vulture Vulture VI p. 213

Walrus Walrus

Wark Wark I p. 101

Wasp Wasp I p. 186

Weasel Weasel III p. 336

Werehampster Werehampster

Werehamster Werehamster VIII p. 153

Weremouse Weremouse

Werepig Werepig

Werewolf Werewolf

Whale Whale III p. 115

Wolf Wolf V p. 337

Wolverine Wolverine V p. 82

Woodlice Woodlice IV p. 35

Worm, greater narjorgo corpse Worm, greater narjorgo corpse VI p. 281

Yak Yak X p. 38

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