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Praise for Hugh Cook

"stylish and horrific fantasy" - Julian May, author of The Many-Colored Land

"baroque inventions with a darkly comic edge" - Publishers Weekly

"… a master storyteller who in The Chronicles of an Age of Darkness treats us to an epic fantasy of unrivaled proportions … Thank God for writers like Hugh Cook - my world would surely be a lesser place without him" - Steven Savile, author, editor, Writer of the Future

"gritty and humorous" - K. J. Bishop, author of The Etched City

"epic fantasy, grim worlds, and dangerous adventures" - Paul Abbamondi, Fantasybookspot.com

"fiendishly clever" - Asimov's

"he understands both fantasy and humanity" - Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons

"the sheer fact that you named a book The Walrus and the Warwolf has forced me to hunt down that entire series" - Scott Lynch, author of The Lies of Locke Lamora

"sets the benchmark for fantasy series for me … playful and dark" - Trent Jamieson, 2005 Aurealis Award Winner

"2009 might be when Hugh Cook, who died tragically young this year, begins to get the credit he deserves, with the reissue of his The Walrus and the Warwolf (full disclosure — I wrote the new introduction). Cook was a fantasy writer whose 1980s and early 90s decology Chronicles of an Age of Darkness, though hidden from the attentions of the middlebrow lit-snob by their wizards, dragons and high-kitsch covers, are intensely clever, humane, witty, meta-textually adventurous and pulp-avant-garde works. I read and loved several this year — The Wishstone and the Wonderworkers and The Walrus and the Warwolf in particular." - China Mieville, author of Perdido Street Station

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